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Five Great Chess Channels on YouTube


Looking for some chess videos to improve your game – or simply to help you pass the time? YouTube is filled with videos about chess strategy, openings, players, and history. Here are a few channels you’ll want to check out to find the best chess videos YouTube has to offer.


One of the most popular chess channels, ChessNetwork offers a little bit of everything for the chess video viewer. You’ll find information on openings, game and tournament reports, live commentary on blitz and other online games, and more. If you want to see a famous game explained to you, or just want some general chess lessons, a quick look at what’s new on this channel should give you at least one or two videos you’ll enjoy watching.

The Chess Website

Like ChessNetwork, The Chess Website has a little bit of everything – though it is much more singularly focused on instruction. One of the great things about this channel is its excellent organization. It contains lists of videos on openings, famous games, strategy and other topics, allowing you to quickly work through a topic that’s of particular interest to you.

Chess Documentary

This channel is filled with historical chess documentaries covering a wide range of topics. Great players like Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov and Susan Polgar are covered, as well as other interesting figures like Marcel Duchamp.

Power Play Chess

Grandmaster Daniel King is a great presenter, and his YouTube channel reflects this. You’ll see the same kind of analysis that King has showcased in his Power Play DVD series for ChessBase, only on topics of recent interest, such as games from ongoing matches and tournaments. If you want analysis of the latest classic from an elite tournament, this is the place to go.

Sean Godley

Sean’s channel once again includes a number of different video series, including videos on the endgame. This is a great resource for videos on famous games, as some of the greatest games of all time are fully analyzed by Godley, including a full series of videos on Garry Kasparov brilliancies. You can even have a video on the game of your choice made for a small donation!

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