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Do You Recognize This Famous Chess Game?

Studying famous chess games such as this one (Morphy's famous Opera House Game) can be a great way to improve your chess.

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Nakamura Talks Candidates, Sponsorship

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Hey readers! Just wanted to point out this great interview with Hikaru Nakamura posted over at Chess.com. Nakamura talks about a variety of topics, from his recent sponsorship deal with Red Bull to the Candidates Tournament and much more. Definitely worth checking out!

New on the Site in March

Monday March 31, 2014

With March coming to an end, it's time to take a look at what's been added to the site in recent weeks. Here's a look at a few articles that were posted during the last month:

As always, let me know if there's something you'd like to see on the site in April!

Anand Wins Candidates With Room to Spare

Sunday March 30, 2014

In the end, there wasn't even any drama. Viswanathan Anand sealed his victory in the Candidates Tournament with a round to spare - and to be honest, had virtually assured himself of the crown a few rounds prior to that - cementing a rematch with Magnus Carlsen later this year. In the end, Anand took first place (with 8.5 points on three wins and no losses) by a full point over Sergey Karjakin, who scored a marathon win over Levon Aronian on the final day. With all of the other games ending in draws, that sent Aronian tumbling down the tight field into a tie for 6th with Peter Svidler at a disappointing 6.5 points.

Casual fans may bemoan this result, fearing that Carlsen will easily handle Anand for a second time in November. But remember that Anand won't have any pressure on him this time around, and that he appears to be playing at a higher level than he was last year. It's certainly possible that Carlsen could easily defeat the former champion again, and he'll go into the match as the favorite almost no matter what happens between now and the match. But I wouldn't put past Anand to make it a much better match this time around.

For a full roundup on the Candidates Tournament, check out this ChessBase report on the final round!


Candidates Round 9: Anand's Tournament to Lose

Monday March 24, 2014

Heading into the 2014 Candidates Tournament, few observers gave Viswanathan Anand much of a chance to win. Sure, he wasn't discounted entirely, but most figured that it would be Levon Aronian or Vladimir Kramnik (or maybe Topalov, perhaps Karjakin...) who would ultimately emerge as the next challenger to Magnus Carlsen. But with just five rounds left to play, Anand now has an imposing lead on the field, meaning we could be headed for a rematch of last year's title clash.

Anand has been in good position throughout the tournament, but the 9th round truly put him in a commanding position. Not only did Anand dispatch of Veselin Topalov to push him to the bottom of the standings, but losses by Aronian and Kramnik changed what had been a tight three-way race into a clear advantage for the Indian. Anand is now up a full point on Aronian, and you can effectively make that a 1.25 point lead, as he has the head-to-head tiebreak against Aronian should they finish equal. He's also up 1.5 points on Kramnik, Karjakin, and Mamedyarov.

That's a big advantage for Anand...but not yet a decisive one, as there's still plenty of chess to be played. In fact, there's probably nobody in the tournament -- even including Topalov, who is 2.5 points behind the leader -- who will be quite ready to give up at this point. If any player were to run the table and finish 5/5 (an enormous challenge to say the least), they'd still have a shot at winning the tournament -- and at least five players can realistically feel like they could win this thing if events broke just a little bit in their favor.

There's still a long way to go, but it's now Anand's tournament to lose. For a full report on round nine, check out this report by ChessBase.

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