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Max Euwe


Born: May 20, 1901 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Died: November 26, 1981 in Amsterdam

Playing Style and Legacy:

Max Euwe's strength lied in his consistent, logical play. He regularly refuted incorrect tactical shots and combinations, accurately calculating the best lines in complex situations. He was also one of the earliest players to use extensive opening preparation and thoroughly prepare for matches.

Euwe is sometimes regarded as a weak World Champion who was lucky to defeat Alekhine, but this is probably an unfair assessment. He was among the best players of his era, and his style was difficult for Alekhine to deal with throughout their careers.

World Championship Matches and Tournaments:

1935: Defeated Alexander Alekhine 15.5-14.5 (+9 -8 =13) to become World Chess Champion

1937: Lost to Alexander Alekhine 15.5-9.5 (+4 -10 =11); Alekhine regained World Chess Championship

1948: Finished 5th in World Chess Championship tournament with 4/20 score

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Won 12 Dutch national titles between 1921 and 1955
  • Won World Amateur Chess Championship in 1928 with 12/15 score
  • FIDE President from 1970-1978

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