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Garry Kasparov


Born: April 13, 1963 in Baku, Azerbaijan

Playing Style and Legacy:

Garry Kasparov was known as a dynamic, aggressive and energetic player -- a style that has made him very popular among chess fans. While his long reign as the world's top player and World Champion rank him at or near the top of most all-time greatest player lists, he may be best known to the general public for his 3.5-2.5 (+1 -2 =3) match loss to the computer Deep Blue, the first time a World Chess Champion was defeated in match play by a computer. His relatively early retirement from chess has left him with more time to write and involve himself in Russian politics.

World Championship Matches:

1984: Match against Anatoly Karpov terminated by FIDE after 48 games, with Kasparov trailing 25-23 (+3 -5 =40); the first player to 6 wins was to be declared the winner.

1985: Defeated Karpov 13-11 (+5 -3 =16) to become World Chess Champion

1986: Defeated Karpov 12.5-11.5 (+5 -4 =15) to retain World Chess Championship

1987: Drew Karpov 12-12 (+4 -4 =16) to retain World Chess Championship

1990: Defeated Karpov 12.5-11.5 (+4 -3 =17) to retain World Chess Championship

1993: Defeated Nigel Short 12.5-7.5 (+6 -1 =13) to retain World Chess Championship

1995: Defeated Viswanathan Anand 10.5-7.5 (+4 -1 =13) to retain World Chess Championship

2000: Lost to Vladimir Kramnik 8.5-6.5 (-2 =13); Kramnik becomes World Chess Championship

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Won the Chess Oscar award a record 11 times
  • Maintained his standing as the highest-rated player in the world from 1986-2005
  • Achieved the highest FIDE rating ever (2851)
  • Finished 1st (alone or shared) in every individual tournament he participated in from 1981-1990 (a total of 15 events)

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