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Boris Spassky


Born: January 30, 1937 in Leningrad, USSR

Playing Style and Legacy:

Boris Spassky was a well-rounded champion who excelled in all areas of the game. He was not an opening expert in terms of depth of knowledge, but he did play a wide variety of systems well throughout his career. His play was flexible and adaptable to the situation at hand, which made him a difficult opponent to prepare for.

World Championship Matches:

1966: Lost to Tigran Petrosian 12.5-11.5 (+3 -4 =17)

1969: Defeated Petrosian 12.5-10.5 (+6 -4 =13) to become World Chess Champion

1972: Lost to Bobby Fischer 12.5-8.5 (+3 -7 =11); Fischer becomes World Chess Champion

Notable Accomplishments:

Won two USSR Chess Championships (1961, 1973)

Won 1955 World Junior Chess Championship

Won 1966 Piatigorsky Cup with 11.5/18 score

Played on seven Olympiad teams for the USSR, winning 13 medals and losing just one game (+45 -1 =48)

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