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Alexander Alekhine


Born: October 31, 1892 in Moscow, Russia

Died: March 24, 1946 in Estoril, Portugal

Playing Style and Legacy:

Alexhine was one of history's great attacking players, and is known for his ability to play creative and deep combinations. This allowed him to find complications in positions that appeared quiet to most players. Some of his famous combinations are so deep that even modern players and computers have not conclusively shown whether they are completely sound.

Alekhine's legacy includes developing Alekhine's Defense (1. e4 Nf6), as well as several variations in other openings.

World Championship Matches:

1927: Defeated José Raúl Capablanca 18.5-15.5 (+6 -3 =25) to become World Chess Champion

1929: Defeated Efim Bogoljubow 15.5-9.5 (+11 -5 =9) to retain World Chess Championship

1934: Defeated Efim Bogoljubow 15.5-10.5 (+8 -3 =15) to retain World Chess Championship

1935: Lost to Max Euwe 15.5-14.5 (+8 -9 =13); Euwe becomes World Chess Champion

1937: Defeated Max Euwe 15.5-9.5 (+10 -4 =11) to regain World Chess Championship

Retained World Chess Championship until death in 1946.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Won First USSR Chess Championship in 1920
  • Won 1930 San Remo tournament with 14/15 score
  • Won 1931 Bled tournament(20.5/26) by 5.5 points ahead of Bogoljubow
  • Won four top board prizes for France in Chess Olympiads

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