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Chess in the Arts

Chess has a popular subject in art, literature, film and theater for centuries. If you're looking to enjoy chess away from the board, there's plenty more to see in chess movies, chess books and chess art.

Chess Art and Prints
A collection of chess art and prints for purchase.

Chess in Movies and TV
Jeremy Silman comments on some of the best examples of chess seen on the screen, both big and small.

Chess: The Musical
Information on the popular musical, Chess.

The Goddesschess Galleries
A collection with examples of chess-related art and artifacts.

Searching for Bobby Fischer (IMDB)
IMDB's resource page for the moie Searching for Bobby Fischer.

Five Famous Television Chess Moments
Chess has always been a popular subject for television shows. Take a look at some of the best and most famous television shows ever to feature chess.

Searching for Bobby Fischer
One of the most popular chess movies of all time, Searching for Bobby Fischer is the tale of a prodigy and his family.

Chess: The Musical
Chess is a popular musical that spawned hit songs and gained millions of fans around the world.

Endgame (TV Series)
Endgame is a Canadian television series with an interesting protagonist: a former World Chess Champion who can't leave his hotel.

Five Great Chess Movies
Looking for some good chess movies to check out? This list is a perfect place to start.

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