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Chess: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 10 Most Common Chess Openings
A list of the most common chess openings.
Your Quick Guide to Setting Up a Chess Board
How to correctly place the board and pieces at the start of a chess game.
10 Basic Checkmates Beginning Chess Players...
A guide to ten basic checkmates that every chess player should know, presented as a series of mate-in-one problems.
Fool's Mate -- The Fastest Checkmate in Chess
A move by move guide to the fastest checkmate in chess, the Fool's Mate.
Common Lines in the Sicilian Defense
A guide to the most common lines seen in the Sicilian Defense, a chess opening.
What You Need to Know to Master the Game of Chess
A complete guide on how to play chess, including the basic rules of chess.
Common Lines in the Ruy Lopez
The Berlin Defense in the Ruy Lopez. Page 2.
Five Ways to Improve Your Chess
Learn the five best ways for novice chess players to improve their chess.
The Rules of Chess: A Quick Guide on How to...
A quick guide to the rules of chess, with links to more detailed information on chess rules.
Basic Principles of Chess Openings
Learn the basic principles of playing chess openings properly.
Special Rules: Castling, Promotion and En Passant
A quick guide to the chess rules that cause new players the most trouble: castling, promotion and en passant.
Basic Chess Tactics
A guide to basic chess tactics, including forks, pins and skewers.
Every Move Explained: Morphy's Opera House Game...
Paul Morphy's famous Opera House Game is presented, with each move by each side explained.
Five Great Chess Movies
A list of five excellent chess movies that any fan of the game should check out.
Types of Draws in Chess
A description of the various types of outcomes that can result in a drawn game of chess.
Best iPhone Chess Apps
A look at the top chess apps for the iPhone.
Common Lines in the Italian Game
A description and guide to the common openings lines which can be reached from the Italian Game.
The Ten Most Famous Chess Games
A list of ten of the most famous games played in the history of chess.
Chess Titans
A look at the free chess program, Chess Titans.
Top 10 Holiday Chess Gifts
A look at some of the best Christmas and holiday gift ideas for the chess players in your life.
Top Five Chess Books: Intermediate Improvement
A list of five books that will help beginners advance to the intermediate level.
How to Read and Write Algebraic Chess Notation
Learn how to read and write algebraic chess notation.
Understanding Chess Ratings
Learn what chess ratings are, and how to earn a chess rating.
Illustrated Guide to the Chess Pieces
The first step towards playing chess is learning how each piece moves. Each of the six pieces moves differently, and this guide will help you understand how to use each one.
Check, Checkmate and Stalemate
While many beginners may confuse them because they look similar at first glance, check, checkmate and stalemate are very different situations. It is important to be able to identify each and understand what they mean.
Is Chess a Sport?
Is chess a sport? Here's a look at both sides of this classic debate.
Chess for Android Devices
A look at several ways to play chess on your Android device.
Basics of Chess Strategy: Bishops
Learn how to use the bishop in chess. Improve your chess strategy with this tutorial on bishops.
Chess: The Musical
A discussion of the musical Chess, a musical that has remained popular for nearly 30 years.
Ten Great Chess Quotes
Ten of the best quotes about chess, with discussion on what they mean for your chess game.
A Guide to Chess Titles
An overview of the different titles awarded by national and international chess federations.
Basic Rules of Tournament Chess
Before you play in your first tournament, learn some of the most important rules in competitive chess.
The Relative Value of the Pieces
Learn how much each piece is worth in chess, from the pawn to the queen and king.
Choosing an Opening Repertoire for Beginners
Tips for how to choose an opening repertoire for the novice chess player.
Can I Checkmate With These Pieces?
A list of the pieces with which a player can or cannot checkmate an enemy king.
Common Lines in the French Defense
The starting position of the French Defense, a chess opening.
How to Checkmate with a King and Queen
Learn how to checkmate with a king and a queen, one of the most basic endgame checkmates in chess.
Time Controls
A guide to understanding how time controls work in chess.
Illegal Moves
A discussion of illegal moves in chess, such as leaving your king in check.
World Chess Champions
A list of the world chess champions throughout chess history.
Popular Chess Variants
A list of popular chess variants, with basic explanations of their rules of play.
Top Five Chess Books: Tactics
A look at five great books on the subject of chess tactics.
Five Great Chess Channels on YouTube
A look at some of the best chess channels on YouTube.
How to Study Chess Openings
A guide to studying openings for chess players of different levels.
Learning Openings for Beginners
A discussion of the best ways to learn the openings in chess.
Chess and Poker
An article about the similarities between chess and poker.
Top Ten Chess Players Who Never Won a World...
A list of the top ten chess players who came up just short in their bids for the world chess championship.
What is the Swiss System?
A look at the Swiss system, a popular tournament structure in chess.
The Bishop Pair
A look at the importance of the bishop pair in chess.
Why is Stalemate a Draw?
A review of the history behind the stalemate rule in chess.
Top Five Chess Books: Openings
A look at the best chess books on the opening.
Top Five Female Chess Players of All-Time
A list of the top female chess players in the history of the game.
How to Play Chess960
A short article about Chess960, also known as Fischer Random Chess or Shuffle Chess.
Today's Best Chess Players
A guide to the best chess players today, including the top chess players in the world.
Unusual Chess Openings
A guide to some of the most common unorthodox chess openings.
Scoring Systems in Chess Tournaments
A look at common scoring systems used in chess tournaments.
Sonneborn-Berger Tiebreaks
An explanation of how Sonneborn-Berger tiebreakers are calculated.
When (and Where) to Castle
A quick guide to choosing when and where to castle during a chess game.
Five Key Ideas for New Chess Players to Work On
A few tips that new players can use to improve their chess results in a hurry.
Popular Lines in the Caro-Kann Defense
The starting position of the Caro-Kann Defense, a popular chess opening.
Speed Chess
An overview of blitz and bullet, two forms of speed chess.
Improving with a Chess Engine
A guide to using a computer chess engine to improve your own chess game.
Playing in Your First Chess Tournament
A guide to participating in your first chess tournament.
Learn all about Crazyhouse, a chess variant in which captured pieces can be placed back onto the board for the opposing player.
Silman's Seven Imbalances
A look at Jeremy Silman's seven imbalances, and how they can help you form plans and select moves in chess.
Mistakes When Setting Up a Chess Board
A few common errors players make when setting up a chessboard for the first time.
Comparing Internet Chess Servers
A look at what each of the three major online chess servers has to offer.
Avoiding Blunders in Chess
How to cut down on the number of blunders you make during your chess games.
Betting on Chess
Learn how to bet on important chess matches and tournaments.
Suicide Chess
An article describing how to play suicide chess, along with some basic strategy to employ when playing suicide chess.
Five Young Chess Stars to Watch in 2014
A look at five chess players under 21 who could shine in 2014.
Knights vs. Bishops
A look at how knights and bishops stack up in chess.
Learn how to play shatranj, an ancient form of chess that was played in Persia.
The Rules of Bughouse
Learn the rules of bughouse chess, a popular form of team chess.
Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting
A look at the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting, an annual tournament featuring some of the world's best chess players.
Rapid Chess
An overview of rapid chess, an increasingly popular format for chess tournaments.
Paul Morphy
Paul Morphy is widely considered the greatest chess player of his era, and is often referred to as an unofficial World Champion.
Toiletgate: The Scandal That Rocked the Chess...
An overview of the infamous Toiletgate incident during the 2006 World Chess Championship match between Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov.
Playing Chess on Facebook
Learn how to play chess on Facebook.
Dismantling the Sicilian by Jesus de la Villa
A review of Dismantling the Sicilian, by Jesus de la Villa
Ten Great Chess Players You May Not Know
Learn about ten important chess players you may not have heard of, many of whom played hundreds of years ago.
Keeping Your Castled King Safe
A guide to keeping your king safe after castling.
Robert James "Bobby" Fischer
A profile of former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer.
Kindle Chess Books
Looking for a good chess book for your Kindle? Here are five recommendations.
The Touch-Move Rule
Understanding the Touch-Move rule in chess.
Cheating in Chess
A look at the many ways in which players have tried to cheat at chess.
What is Hope Chess?
A look at Hope Chess, a term for a particular thought process used by some chess players that was coined by Dan Heisman.
Celebrity Chess Players
A page listing some of the most famous celebrities to have played the game of chess.
The Five Best American Chess Players of All-Time
A look at the five best chess players in history from the United States, as chosen by About.com readers.
Basic Pawn Endgames
The rule of the square is explained as it relates to basic pawn endgames.
History of Chess, Part I: Before Chess
The first article in a series on the history of chess, covering the games that led to the current rules of modern chess.
Does the Draw Offer Need to Go?
A look at the debate over draw offers in chess.
Bringing Your Queen Out in the Opening
A look at why it's usually incorrect to move your queen early in the opening - and when that rule should be ignored.
A short profile and history of the computer chess program, Rybka.
Why Recording Chess Games is Important
A look at why you should be writing down moves in chess tournaments.
Short, forced sequences of moves which can be calculated and lead to an advantage, usually the gain of material. Examples of tactical themes include forks, pins, and skewers.
Viswanathan Anand
A profile of World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand.
Six Free Online Chess Resources
A list of the best free chess resources you can find online.
Learning to Analyze Your Games
A look at how to start analyzing your own games if you've never done so before.
Correspondence Chess
A short description of correspondence chess, a form of chess traditionally played by post.
Internet Chess Club
An overview of the Internet Chess Club, one of the most popular online chess sites in the world.
Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
A summary of the two famous matches played between Garry Kasparov and IBM's supercomputer, Deep Blue.
Candidate Moves: How to Narrow Your Choices
Learn what a candidate move is, and how candidate moves can help you improve your chess.
World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand
A look at the career of Viswanathan Anand, World Chess Champion.
Avoiding the Biggest Chess Mistakes
Learn how to avoid the largest mistakes you can possible make in a chess game.
Garry Kasparov
A profile of former chess player and world chess champion Garry Kasparov.
Free Online Chess Games
A look at the top places online to play free chess.
Thoresen Chess Engines Competition
The TCEC is perhaps the most prestigious and strongest tournament for computer chess programs in the world today.
Red Hot Pawn
A look at Red Hot Pawn, a site where players can play correspondence-style chess games.
Five Chess Tournament Don’ts
A list of five things you shouldn't do at a chess tournament.
World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen holds the record for the highest rating ever by a chess player.
What’s the Peak Age for Chess Players?
When do chess players tend to hit their peak performance?
Your First Time at a Scholastic Chess Tournament
Learn the basics that every parent should know before taking their child to their first chess tournament.
When to Resign
When is it time to give up in a game of chess?
The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White
A review of The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White, by Larry Kaufman.
The First Move Advantage in Chess
A discussion of the advantage of moving first in chess.
The Longest Chess Game
A look at the longest games ever played in the game of chess.
2014 World Chess Championship
A guide to the 2014 World Chess Championship cycle.
Quick Tip: Be Efficient
In chess, it's important to make each move do as much as possible for your position.
Chess Clubs, Chess Federations, and Ratings
A guide to organized chess, including chess clubs, chess federations, and chess ratings.
Mikhail Tal
A profile of chess player and former World Chess Champion Mikhail Tal.
Endings Every Beginner Should Study
A guide to the essentials beginners need to study in order to improve their chess endgame skills.
US Chess Champions
A list of the US Chess Champions throughout history, including the winner of each US Chess Championship.
Choosing the Right Odds
How to select the best odds for a fair game in chess.
Review: Chess Openings Wizard
Chess Openings Wizard is a program that can help you learn openings rapidly and accurately.
Chess and Go
A look at the differences between two of the world's oldest games of strategy: chess and Go.
Major Pieces
Queens and rooks. Chess.
Knights Before Bishops?
Chess has a lot of rules of thumb that are regularly stated with some authority, especially when beginners
Review: Bullet Chess by Nakamura and Harper
A review of Bullet Chess: One Minute to Mate, by Hikaru Nakamura and Bruce Harper.
Minimizing the Damage
Learn how to keep the damage to a minimum when you're losing material in a game of chess.
1. b4: Theory & Practice of the Sokolsky...
A review of 1. b4: Theory & Practice of the Sokolsky Opening by Jerzy Konikowski and Marek Soszynski.
Team Chess
Learn all about team chess, in which teams of chess players compete against each other.
Chess Annotation Symbols Explained
Learn what the annotations in chess games mean.
Searching for Bobby Fischer
An overview of the film Searching for Bobby Fischer, along with information on the book, and how the two differ.
Corresponding Squares
A discussion of the concept of corresponding squares in chess.
Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual (Mark Dvoretsky)
A review of the chess book, Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual.
2014 Candidates Tournament
The 2014 Candidates Tournament was won by Viswanathan Anand, who earned the right to challenge for the World Chess Championship.
How to Look Up a Chess Rating
How to look up your chess rating, or another player's chess rating on a chess rating list.
Time Management
Learn how to better manage your time during a chess game. Time management is an important, but often overlooked, chess skill.
Odds: Playing Chess With a Handicap
An article about playing chess with handicaps, also known as playing with odds.
Dynamic Equilibrium in Chess
A look at the concept of dynamic equilibrium in chess.
Five Famous Television Chess Moments
A list of five famous chess scenes from popular television shows.
The Principle of Two Weaknesses
What is the Principle of Two Weaknesses in chess?
When Computer Advice Isn't Best
A look at the times when a chess computer might not have the best ideas in a position.
Top Five Chess Players: 1940-1949
World War II slowed down the chess world in the 1940s, but the great players kept playing. Find out who the best players of the decade were.
Back to Basics: Openings by Carsten Hansen
A review of the chess book Back to Basics: Openings by Carsten Hansen.
José Raúl Capablanca
A profile of former World Chess Champion Jose Raul Capablanca.
The Clock as a Weapon in Blitz Chess
A look at how the clock can be used as a weapon in speed chess.
A page about chessboxing, a hybrid sport that has recently gained some popularity
How to Take Advantage of Open Files
A guide to taking advantage of open files in chess.

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