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Judit Polgar


Born: July 23, 1976 in Budapest, Hungary

Playing Style:

Judit Polgar is undoubtedly the strongest female chess player in history. A chess prodigy along with her sisters, Polgar once held the record for the youngest player to attain the Grandmaster title -- among men or women. Her aggressive, tactical style has made her a fan favorite, and she has shown a willingness to play the moves that she thinks will be most difficult for her opponent's style of play rather than the objectively "best" move. Polgar has consistently played in open events rather than events exclusively for women, and has been ranked as high as 8th in the world.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • In 1991, became the youngest Grandmaster in chess history at 15 years and 4 months (since broken)
  • First woman ranked among the top 10 players in the world
  • Finished 2nd at 2003 Corus Tournament in Wijk aan Zee
  • Qualified for 2005 FIDE World Championship Tournament

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