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Computers in Chess

Computers have had a profound influence on chess. Chess engines like Fritz and Rybka have become stronger players than even the best humans, while other computer programs have made chess training and learning easier than ever.

A short profile and history of the computer chess program, Rybka.

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
In 1996 and 1997, World Champion Garry Kasparov played two historic matches against the IBM computer Deep Blue.

ChessBase Shop
ChessBase creates a variety of computer chess products, including instructional DVDs, popular chess engines like Fritz and Shredder, and the ChessBase database software.

A free chess database program.

Computer Chess History by Bill Wall
An overview of the major events in computer chess history.

Rybka, developed by IM Vasik Rajlich, is probably the strongest chess engine on the market today.

SSDF Computer Rating List
The Swedish Chess Computer Association compiles and regularly updates a rating list based on numerous games between the top computer programs.

Improving with a Chess Engine
Learn a number of different ways you can use computers to improve your chess.

The Early Days of Human-Computer Chess
In the early days of computer chess, the machines didn't always have an easy time against their human opponents.

When Computer Advice Isn't Best
When shouldn't you trust your chess computer?

Cheating in Chess
Unfortunately, as in many competitive endeavors, cheating is a part of the world of chess.

Advanced Chess
Advanced Chess combines the chess abilities of humans and computers in a competitive setting.

Chess for Android Devices
It's easier than ever to find chess apps for your Android device.

Chess Titans
Chess Titans is a program that comes free with many Windows operating systems.

Playing Chess on Facebook
There are a number of ways to enjoy chess with your friends through Facebook.

Thoresen Chess Engines Competition
The TCEC has been called the unofficial world championship of computer chess.

Houdini may well be the top computer chess engine in the world today.

Review: Chess Openings Wizard
Chess Openings Wizard is a program designed to aid in the learning of openings.

Watching Chess Online
If you want to watch chess matches and tournaments online, there are plenty of options available to you.

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