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Chess Variants

With a game as popular and old as chess, it's not surprising that variations on the rules exist. From bughouse to Chess960, chess variants add new twists to a classic game.

Learn how to play shatranj, an ancient form of chess that was played in Persia.

Popular Chess Variants
Over the years, a number of alternative chess games have been developed -- some very similar to chess, and some radically different.

Atomic Chess
Atomic chess is a fun and exciting chess variant that's full of explosions!

Suicide Chess
Suicide chess is a fun variant, where the goal is to lose all of your pieces first.

Correspondence Chess
Correspondence chess is a form of the game in which games can take months or years to play.

Speed Chess
Think chess is slow? Blitz and bullet chess turn chess into an action packed battle that only takes minutes to play.

In Crazyhouse, players can use captured pieces against their opponents, leading to wild tactical battles and strange positions.

How to Play Chess960
A short article about Chess960, also known as Fischer Random Chess or Shuffle Chess.

The Rules of Bughouse
Learn the rules of bughouse chess, a popular form of team chess.

Extensive information on bughouse, one of the most popular team chess variants.

Chess Variant Applets
Play a variety of variants against computer opponents.

The Chess Variant Pages
A collection of nearly every chess variant imaginable, from the common to the obscure.

Gothic Chess
A chess variant which uses a larger board and two additional pieces - the archbishop and the chancellor.

A chess variant that allows pieces to gain the abilities of any pieces they capture.

Rapid Chess
Rapid chess is a faster form of competitive chess that allows several games to be played in a single day.

What is chess boxing? Find out more about this emerging hybrid sport.

Armageddon Tiebreakers
What is Armageddon chess, and why is it so controversial?

Chess on Ice
Is curling really "chess on ice?" This Olympic favorite is a game of deeper strategy than it may appear.

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