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Kramnik-Aronian Practice Match 2012


In April 2012, Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian will play a six-game match at standard, classical time controls. The match is designed both as a friendly exhibition that chess fans will enjoy, and as a way for both players to prepare for the upcoming Candidates tournament for the 2013 World Chess Championship.

This match is particularly notable for the fact that both Kramnik and Aronian are currently rated over 2800. This makes the match the first between two players who were rated over 2800 - even including World Championship Matches!

Another unusual feature for this match will be a rule that requires the players to play a rapid game (25 minutes with a 10 second increment) in the case that a game ends in a draw in under three hours. While these games won't count towards the match score, they will help ensure that spectators get their money's worth on each day of play.

Match Details

Dates: April 21-28. There will be one game per day, with rest days after the second and fourth games.

Time Control: Classical time controls will be used, just as they will be followed in the Candidates tournament later in 2012.

Participants: Levon Aronian (2805, #2 on January 2012 FIDE Rating List), Vladimir Kramnik (2801, #3)

Venue: To be announced.

Sponsor: ICG, a Russian firm that sells precious stones. An additional sponsor is expected to be announced soon.

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