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Chess History

Chess has a long history spanning over 1500 years. Learn about the origins of chess, where chess was invented, and how chess has changed over the last millennium.

History of Chess, Part I: Before Chess
Learn about the early years of chess, including the games that serve as ancestors to the modern game.

What was Toiletgate?
An overview of the infamous Toiletgate incident during the 2006 World Chess Championship.

Betting on Chess
Did you know that you can often place bets on major chess events?

2012 World Chess Championship Cycle
Information on the participants in the 2012 World Chess Championship cycle.

The History of Chess, Part II: The Romantic Era
The Romantic Era saw the rise of famous chess players, most of whom used an exciting, attacking style of play.

2011 Women's World Chess Championship
A summary of the 2011 Women's World Chess Championship, which saw Hou Yifan battle against Humpy Koneru.

2012 World Chess Championship
A page with information on the 2012 World Chess Championship

Top Ten Chess Players Who Never Won a World Championship
While none of the players on this list won World Championships, all deserve a place among the greatest in chess history.

History of the Wijk aan Zee Chess Tournament
A history of the chess tournaments annually held in Wijk aan Zee, which are currently named the Tata Steel Chess Tournaments.

A guide to Chaturanga, an earlier version of chess.

Chess History Center
A collection of historical chess resources, including the excellent Chess Notes column by Edward Winter.

Learn how to play shatranj, an ancient form of chess that was played in Persia.

Goddesschess: Chessays
Essays and resources discussing the origins of chess.

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
A critical moment in chess history came when Garry Kasparov played two matches against Deep Blue, a supercomputer.

On the Origin of Chess
Essays and opinions on the possible origins of chess.

World Chess Championship Index
A guide to the history of the world chess championship, in all its forms.

Chess Olympiad Winners
A list of the winning countries in the history of the Chess Olympiad.

2011 Candidates Tournament
A guide to the 2011 Candidates Tournament, which will determine the challenger for the 2012 World Chess Championship.

World Team Chess Championship
A history of the World Team Chess Championship, a competition for national chess teams.

FIDE World Cup
Learn how the FIDE World Cup began, and how it impacts the chess world today.

The Grand Slam of Chess
Each year, the world's top players compete to earn an invitation into the Grand Slam Masters Final in Bilbao.

Chess and Go
What do these two great games of strategy have in common - and how do they differ?

The History of Chess, Part III: Champions Emerge
The third installment in this series on the history of chess covers the middle of the 19th century, the era when the first credible (yet unofficial) world champions reigned.

Kramnik-Aronian Practice Match 2012
Learn more about the exciting match planned between Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian in 2012.

2012 Candidates' Tournament
Find out how the 2012 Candidates' tournament will be used to select a challenger for the 2013 Chess World Championship.

2012 Tata Steel Chess Tournament
Levon Aronian won the 2012 Tata Steel Chess Tournament with a 9/13 score.

1972 World Chess Championship: Spassky vs. Fischer
In 1972, Bobby Fischer defeated Boris Spassky to win the World Chess Championship.

The First Move Advantage in Chess
Does White have an advantage in chess, and if so, how big is it?

Linares International Chess Tournament
Linares is one of the most prestigious chess events in the world.

Scoring Systems in Chess Tournaments
Along with traditional scoring, there are several different ways in which a chess tournament may be scored.

2012 Chess Olympiad Preview
The 2012 Chess Olympiad will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, and feature most of the world's top players.

Ten Great Chess Quotes
A look as some of the most memorable quotes about our favorite game.

FIDE Grand Prix
Confused about what the FIDE Grand Prix is all about? Read on to find out why this event is important in the World Championship cycle.

Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting
Dortmund has hosted some of the most important chess tournaments in recent history.

World Chess Championship 1948
After the death of a champion, five of the world's best players battled for the World Championship.

London 1851
London 1851 was an important moment in chess history: the first ever international chess tournament.

Who Is the Highest Rated Chess Player of All Time?
Who holds the record for the highest ever FIDE rating?

Biggest Chess Events of 2012
The chess year in review for 2012.

Pan-American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship
The Pan-Am College chess Championship is one of the premier events for collegiate chess teams.

2013 World Chess Championship
What will the 2013 World Chess Championship cycle look like?

Is Chess a Sport?
A look at whether chess belongs under the category of sports.

The Development of Modern Chess Rules
How have chess rules changed over time, and when did chess take the shape it has today?

What’s the Peak Age for Chess Players?
Clearly, chess players seem to peak at a certain age, then decline. But when does that peak occur?

The Longest Chess Game
Just how many moves can a chess game go on for?

Women’s World Chess Championship 2013
The 2013 Women's World Chess Championship saw Hou Yifan regain the title she had held two years earlier.

The Hypermodern School
The Hypermodern School changed the course of chess strategy forever by showing there's more than one way to win a game.

Romantic Chess
Romantic chess prioritized beautiful and spectacular moves over sound play.

Aeroflot Open
The Aeroflot Open is likely the world's strongest open chess tournament.

Gibraltar Chess Festival
The Gibraltar Chess Festival is a strong open tournament that attracts some of the world's top players each year.

London Chess Classic 2013
The 2013 London Chess Classic features a brand new rapid format with a few interesting twists.

Zurich Chess Challenge
The Zurich Chess Challenge began as a unique match, and then grew into an elite invitational tournament.

World Chess Championship 2013: Game by Game Summary
A quick summary of each game of the 2013 World Chess Championship between Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand.

Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2014
The 2014 Tata Steel Chess Tournament featured two invitational groups, with Levon Aronian winning the Masters section.

Ten Great Chess Players You May Not Know
These players may not be household names, but each left a strong impression on the world of chess.

St. Petersburg 1914 Tournament
St. Petersburg 1914 featured most of the world's top players in a preliminary and final tournament.

Famous Historical Chess Tournaments
Looking for information on some of the biggest tournaments in chess history? Start here.

2014 Candidates Tournament
Viswanathan Anand won the 2014 Candidates Tournament, earning the right to return to the World Chess Championship.

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