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The World of Chess


There's a lot to know about the world of chess that has nothing to do with the moves made on the board. On this page, you'll find information about chess history, famous players, chess books and equipment, and chess organizations around the world.
  1. Famous Chess Players
  2. Book and Video Reviews
  3. Organized Chess

Famous Chess Players

Learn about the greatest chess players of all-time, from World Champions of the past to today's top grandmasters.

Book and Video Reviews

Books and videos can serve many purposes in the world of chess. Some provide valuable instruction, while others offer collections of famous games, or stories of tournaments, players, or other figures. These reviews should help you find the right chess book for your needs.

Organized Chess

Chess isn't just a game played for fun at home or at your local coffee shop. There are numerous clubs, organizations and federations that promote chess, organize tournaments and assign ratings and titles to serious players.

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