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Chess Communities and Organizations

From your local chess club to FIDE (the International Chess Federation), organized chess exists everywhere. Being part of the chess community can be a rewarding experience - learn how to get involved and meet other chess enthusiasts around the world!

A Guide to Organized Chess
A myriad of organizations exist to promote and organize chess, from the club level to the world stage.

Understanding Chess Ratings
Learn what chess ratings are, and how to earn a chess rating.

How to Look Up a Chess Rating
How to look up your chess rating, or another player's chess rating on a chess rating list.

A Guide to Chess Titles
Learn how strong players can earn special titles by performing well in tournament chess.

Chess Federation of Canada
The official governing body of chess in Canada.

English Chess Federation
The English Chess Federation governs chess throughout England.

European Chess Championships
Each year, the European Chess Championships determine the best players in all of Europe.

FIDE, or the World Chess Federation, oversees the national chess federations and governs international chess competitions.

Marshall Chess Club
The Marshall Chess Club, located in New York City, is one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the United States.

United States Chess Federation
The official site of the United States Chess Federation.

Chess and Poker
Why do chess players make such good poker players, too?

Team Chess
Team chess is an exciting way to play chess with teammates in a competitive setting.

United States Chess League
The United States Chess League is the most prestigious chess league in the United States.

London Chess Classic
The London Chess Classic is an elite invitational tournament held each December.

Helping Stronger and Weaker Players Interact in Chess Clubs
Learn how to make players of different strengths interact at your chess club.

Simultaneous Exhibitions
A simultaneous exhibition pits one player against many in a chess exhibition.

Five Chess Tournament Don’ts
A quick look at a few things you won't want to do during a chess tournament.

What is a Tournament Director?
What exactly is it that a tournament director does during a chess tournament?

Rating Inflation
What is rating inflation, and why does it occur?

President's Cup
What is the "Final Four of Collegiate Chess?"

Sandbagging in Chess
Learn why sandbagging is a frowned-upon practice in tournament play.

2014 World Chess Championship
A look at all of the details for the 2014 World Chess Championship.

Reasons to Become a Tournament Director
Tournament directors are a critical part of competitive chess, and many players should consider TD certification.

Fantasy Chess Leagues
Fantasy chess allows you to follow chess all year long while competing with your friends.

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