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New In Chess


New in Chess is one of the most important and popular chess magazines in the world. Published eight times a year, the magazine is best known for the contributions it receives from many of the best chess players in the world, with virtually all top players having contributed analysis to the magazine at one point or another.

History of New In Chess

The creation of New In Chess began in 1968. In that year, Willem Andriessen began publishing a Dutch chess magazine that was mostly intended for friends and local players. Known as Schaakbulletin, the magazine received a boost thanks to the emergence of Jan Timman, who started to provide analysis and annotations for the publication.

The magazine continued to grow over the next two decades, and in 1984, a sister publication was created for English-speaking audiences. Known as New in Chess, the magazine was originally published monthly. However, given the magazine’s desire to host long interviews and reports from major tournaments, a decision was made just a year later to cut back to eight larger issues each year.

Today, New In Chess is still published eight times a year, along with a quarterly publication known as Yearbook that focuses on developments in the opening, as well as the twice yearly Secrets of Opening Surprises, which (like the column of the same name in the regular magazine) covers interesting sidelines that can serve as shortcuts or surprise weapons for club players. As of 2012, the magazine is edited by Jan Timman and Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam.

Typical Content in New In Chess

New in Chess is perhaps best known for their extensive tournament reports. Often, a strong grandmaster will provide the narrative of the tournament (including not only retellings of the games and standings, but also stories about the players, the venue, and any notable incidents that occurred during the event), and also publish some analysis of games or positions from the event. In addition, it is typical that some games from these tournaments will feature annotations by the players themselves with even the best plays in the world contributing detailed annotations to games.

Another prominent feature is the long interviews that are conducted with players and other personalities in the chess world. There are also quicker looks at prominent players through the “Just Checking” feature at the back of every issue, which is a short question and answer feature with a player.

Several other players can also be found in every issue. For instance, each issue begins with NIC’s Café, a collection of short news bites, and Your Move, a collection of reader letters. Other regular features include columns by Jan Timman, a review column for books, and the Secrets of Opening Surprises column by Jeroen Bosch. Each issue averages about 100 pages in length.

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