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Chess Basics - How to Play Chess - Learn to Play Chess - About.com
Learn everything you need to know to start playing chess. Basics such as how the pieces move, the rules of chess, and basic strategies and tactics are covered  ...
Chess Tactics -Basic Tactical Motifs - About.com
A guide to basic chess tactics, including forks, pins and skewers.
Basic Principles of Chess Openings - Control the Center - About.com
Learn the basic principles of playing chess openings properly with this step-by- step tutorial. Learn basic techniques and more.
Basic Chess Tactics -- Pins - About.com
Pins are a very common tactic that restrict the movement of the opponent's pieces . A pin is created by attacking a piece in such a way that if it moves, it will allow ...
Learn How to Play Chess - The Basics - About.com
A complete guide on how to play chess, including the basic rules of chess.
Basic Chess Tactics -- Forks - About.com
Sometimes one piece can attack two or more opposing pieces at the same time. When this occurs, it is known as a fork. Knights are especially renowned for their  ...
Basic Principles of Chess Openings - Development - About.com
A discussion about development, one of the basic principles of chess openings.
Basic Chess Tactics: Skewers - About.com
Skewers are closely related to pins. In fact, they look very similar, but work in reverse. In a skewer, a valuable piece is attacked and forced to move to avoid being ...
How to Use the Bishop - Basics of Chess Strategy - About.com
Learn how to use the bishop in chess. Improve your chess strategy with this tutorial on bishops.
Basic Rules of Tournament Chess - About.com
Before you play in your first tournament, learn some of the most important rules in competitive chess.
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